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Book Plans

476031202_329518ccfd_mIt is with reservation I write today. I haven’t blogged here for some time and its on purpose in case you were curious. Over the course of the last several years I have been tossing around the idea of writing a book. I have stopped and I have started again numerous times. Of late, I have been stirred and shaken, its time to go for it. I had been sitting on it until I clearly saw where I wanted to go recently.

The last couple years in particular have been good in terms of writing on my blog here and elsewhere. My blogging has provided an avenue to share in so in ways that have been both helpful for me and hopefully beneficial and encouraging to those who have read. It is my intention to return to blogging, but I am currently unable as my time is needed elsewhere as I finish my book proposal and seek out an agent.

Hoping to have a good report soon.


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